This is no Letdown

A song that’s been on my mind a lot lately has been Letdown by This Providence. Listen to it once or twice to see what you think.

One of the very cool things about it to start is the strumming pattern, it has a very distinctive up and down series of strums, keeping the song very fast moving and rhythmic. At the very beginning and end of the intro the strings are muted to produced a “flatter” sound. This song seems to have almost a drum like beat even without the drums or bass!

The lyrics are also pretty special, they tell a story of a guy who was ensnared by a girl with less then honorable intentions. This is one of the few songs that shows a guy being lead astray by a girl, usually it seems to go the other way around. It shows the true emotions of a guy being vulnerable without falling into the trap of being whiney and generally “emo” (not that those type of songs aren’t good in their own way).

The analogies used in this song are so beautifully written and thought provoking. Just listen to some of these lines:

“I’m painted crimson and blue, she was a ruthless artist. Traded my skin for cheap sex and tattoos”

Almost everyone has had a time in their life when someone has lead them astray, or led them on to belief something. I think something in this song can resonate with each of us.

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