Green Day!

Green Day is really a band you can’t help but like! They’re cute, they have attitude and amazing vocals with intriguing lyrics. While they are one of my favorite bands ever, they are also the source of one of my biggest pet peeves. GREEN DAY IS NOT PUNK! They are pop-punk, and there is a large difference. What it means is they are a pop band with punk themes and undertones on some of their music. When they started out they were more involved with the punk side, while now they are drifting towards “the dark side” (pop music). For example – here is their song Holiday, which has a great punk sound and attitude to it!

But on the other hand, listen to Wake Me When September Ends. It is a clear case of “Pop that wants to be emo”

Please keep in mind that I am not dissing Green Day in any way, shape or form, because I adore them and their music.

Another interesting thing that many people don’t know about them is just how long they have been around.  They started making music in 1987 when Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt were 15 under the band name Sweet Children, and switched to the name Green Day in 1989. The name refers to their fondness for marijuana. Over the years they have been continually becoming more well known.

In 2004 they released the controversial (and totally amazing) album American Idiot. There was no middle ground – you either loved it with all your heart, or hated the music and band for it.

And recently they released their newest album Know Your Enemy, song posted above.

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