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Random music and band facts…

Here are some really cool and random facts that I bet you never knew!

  • Creed was the first band in history to have four number-one rock singles from a debut album.
  • Daft Punk was originally known as “Darling”.
  • Benjamin Burnley of Breaking Benjamin co-wrote the song “Shadows” of of Red’s album Innocence & Instinct, and Jasen Rauch of Red co-wrote more than 1/3 of the songs off of Breaking Benjamin’s new album Dear Agony
  • Seether is from South Africa
  • Billy Idol’s son Will is in a band called Lucas
  • Britney Spears’ song “Dont let me be the last to know” was written by Shania Twain.
  • Gavin Rossdale (he just came out with a new song called Love Remains the Same) was the lead singer of the band Bush
  • Drew Lachey was an emergency med technician.
  • Foo Fighters’ named came from the UFO’s that U.S. pilots reported seeing while patroling Germany in WWII
  • Goo Goo Dolls’ singer John Rzeznik was gonna be a plumber
  • Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong wore Jersey #8 on his high school football team.
  • Hawthorne Heights formed under the name ‘A Day In The Life’
  • Jon Bon Jovi turned down the lead role in the film version of “Footloose” in order to concentrate on the band and his music.
  • Lou Reed underwent electroshock therapy as a teenager in an unsuccessful bid to control his mood swings.
  • Michael Bolton was Paula Abdul’s babysitter when she was a child

Funny Songs

Everybody needs a laugh now and then and parodies are one of the best ways to cheer up! Check out these hilarious and brilliant videos!

Big Butter Jesus by Heywood Banks

While this isn’t a parody, it’s quite funny anyways.

Baby Got Book by Dan Smith

A parody of Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot

Don’t Breathe by Anita Renfroe

A parody of Breathe by Faith Hill

Canadian Idiot by Weird Al Yankovic

A parody of American Idiot by Green Day

Things You Don’t Say To Your Wife by Tim Hawkins

A parody of Time of Your Life by Green Day

A Song for Every Mood

Being a typical teenage girl I have a gazillion different moods. The amazing thing is that there are so many different genres of music with a huge variety of bands, so I can have an entirely unique playlist of music according to how I am feeling! I thought I would post a few of my favorites songs for certain occasions!

Stressed out beyond belief:

Whenever I am really stressed out or upset, this is always the song I turn to. For some reason it always makes me feel better!

Excited and Pumped up:

When I’m getting ready for a party, hanging out with friends or want to dance around, this is the right song for the job!


Somehow screaming it out makes everything better.


When I want to get a guy, this song helps give me the confidence!


This song ends things well I do believe..

Songs & Remakes

There are a ton of awesome songs that have been remade, and both versions totally rock! Here are a few of the coolest:

(Original) Take On Me by Aha

(Remake) Take On Me by Reel Big Fish

(Original) Careless Whisper by George Michael of Wham!

(Remake) Careless Whisper by Seether – my favorite remake of all time!

(Original) Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode

(Remake) Enjoy the Silence by Anberlin

(Original) You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi

(Remake) You Give Love a Bad Name by Atreyu

(Original) Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas

(Remake) Carry On My Wayward Son by The Showdown

It’s not too late, it’s never too late?

Is our life really ours? If it is true than we should be able to do whatever we like to ourselves and our bodies…but what if we were put on earth for a hight purpose? What then?  I have never spent too much time worrying about suicide before now, once I considered it, but luckily I was too scared to ever try. But now one of my closest friends is determined to end his life.  He has been trying to find a way to do it for months, and I have been continually trying to stop him; but now I think he is going to kill himself.  I am sworn to secrecy.

Which brings to mind a whole different issue – trust. If I tell his parents, youth leader or another friend than I am betraying his trust. But at the same time if I do not tell and he does do it than I will never be able to look his family in the eye again. When is it ok to make a decision like this? Is his decision that this life is not for him his to make?

We both are Christians, and firmly believe that we are headed to heaven after death, but that still doesn’t make it any better. In Dante’s Inferno suicide was viewed as an unforgivable sin, and these sinners were sent to hell to dwell eternally in the woods of suicide. Because they did not respect their bodies during life, in the afterlife they are not given any.

This is an issue that has touched the lives of many, weather through someone we are close to or indirectly. And after much reading, praying, and listening to music I still don’t know the answer.

Musical Pet Peeves

I am a musically obsessed person, so when someone uses music in the wrong context, or talks about something they know nothing about, it really, really, really bothers me. As you saw in the last post I wrote about the whole Green Day/pop-punk mistake which is a perfect example of this!

My sister and one of my friends both have a habit of finding music, then talking about clulessly. It is disturbing to say the least. The other day my sister came home from some activity and was talking about how she heard a song by Weezer called Beverly Hills (until this point she had never heard of Weezer in her life, even though I had been listening to them for the past 6 months). She then went on the next day about how Weezer was a great “rap band”. I spent 15 minutes arguing with her trying to explain that in no way was Weezer a “rap band”. Does anyone else see a problem with this?? They are nothing like rap!

The second incident was with a friend of mine who is beyond clueless and is already getting on my nerves. For whatever reason whenever I discover a new band or song she automatically latches on to them, and then runs around telling everybody how much she loves them. Anyways I by accidentally mentioned the song Thorns by Demon Hunter in a conversation. So now she is saying how much she loves the song, and how great it is. When I asked her if she even knew what it was about she answered “no, but it’s really cool”. The song is about self-injury, and if you read my post about it before than you know how special it is. It just really bothered me to have her talk about it this way, especially since that song has really changed my life.

Stuff like this happens all the time, people like to talk even if they have no idea what they are talking about.  A very common mistake is mistaking song genres. Nobody even knows how to tell the difference between punk and pop, hip-hop and rap, and rock and metal.


  • More Favorite Albums


    Fallen by Evanescence

  • American Idiot

    American Idiot

  • Comatose

    Comatose by Skillet

  • Innocence & Instinct

    Innocence & Instinct by Red

  • Dear Agony

    Dear Agony by Breaking Benjamin

  • Never Take Friendship Personal

    Never Take Friendship Personal by Anberlin

  • Storm the Gates of Hell

    Storm the Gates of Hell by Demon Hunter

  • Scars & Souvenirs

    Scars & Souvenirs by Theory of a Deadman

  • Phobia

    Phobia by Breaking Benjamin