Breaking Up Breaking Benjamin???

While searching for some information online the other day I happened to come across a rather startling news article that claimed that Breaking Benjamin was breaking up. The lead singer and frontman Benjamin Burnley suffers from Wernicke’s Encephalopathy due to excessive drinking in his past, when he apparently wanted to drink himself to death. Despite the fact that he longer consumes alcohol, he still suffers from the lingering effects of this illness. Because of this Breaking Benjamin canceled their summer 2010 tour, and the other members rejoined their previous bands while Benjamin Burnley took some time to recover. Due to all of this rumors began to circulate that they were breaking up permanantly. However after some research it appears that they are just taking some time off, and will be regrouping eventually. *sigh of relief*

Chad Szeliga (drummer), posted this one his facebook page reguarding the status of the band “For those of you who are concerned. We (Breaking Benjamin) are not breaking up. We are taking the summer off due to some health issues that he [Ben] has been dealing with for some time now. I would like to personally thank all of you for the emails and comments. Thanks for your concern. It means a lot to Ben, Aaron, Mark and… myself.”

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